Jigsaw Library

Group Leader:       Betty McDonald        Tel: 01292 479083

We have a selection of jigsaws (and wasgijs), pictured below, available for members to borrow.  If you would like to give one of them a try, please phone the group leader.

Below are pictures of wasgij puzzles available to borrow

Wasgij (which is Jigsaw spelled backwards) is a range of fun jigsaw puzzles. You have to use your imagination and the clues provided to piece together a completely different picture than what you see on the front of the box. There are a variety of wasgijs:

  • What are they looking at?’ – you imagine that you are one of the characters in the scene printed on the box and piece together what they are looking at.
  • Destiny wasgijs – ‘Time Travelling’ – you imagine how the scene will look in the modern day and how the characters and surroundings have changed from the scene printed on the box.
  • Mystery wasgijs – ‘What Happens Next’. You imagine what turn of events are about to happen to the characters in the image printed on the box.
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