Aerobics (Golden Girls)

Group Leader:             Ann Bourke     Tel: 07738 409 971 
Instructor:               Tara Jackson  
Location:                 Danserena Studios
Day and Time:             Mondays  1.30-2.30 pm

No special clothing or equipment is required for this activity, just flat shoes and comfortable tops and trousers and, most importantly, no having to lie on the floor.

  • The main objective of this class is to gently tone joints and muscles, whilst enjoying a sociable light-hearted session.
  • The stimulating routines are done to the best known sounds of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra or the Bee Gees etc.
  • The class starts with an essential warm-up before moving on to more energetic step and dance moves.
  • Then it’s slow-down time, finishing with relaxing quieter moments

Thanks to Dansarena, tea/coffee and biscuits can be enjoyed in their cheery cafe, allowing time for a friendly chat before dispersing.

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