Folk Music

Group Leader:    Tom McCrorie (contact the office on 01292 260086)
Location:        Prestwick Community Centre
Day and Time:    Tuesday fortnightly 2pm - 4.30pm

OIR Folk Group started back on 18th January, and 24 of us enjoyed a rare afternoon of pop, folk and traditional music with some jokes, stories and poems thrown in. Then we polished off the Xmas mincemeat tarts at the tea/coffee break. Here’s a wee YouTube taster of our resident ceilidh band.
Why not come and join us, either in the audience or as a performer, you would be made very welcome.

The OiRAyr Folk Club is different from most other folk clubs in that no professional artists are hired to perform at the club sessions. All of the entertainment is delivered by our own club members. These talented individuals have a passion, not just for folk music, but for many other genres of musical tastes. Participation & involvement by our members is the key to our existence and success.
Our performers are not restricted to traditional folk music, as songs from the 1930’s to the present day are regularly given an airing.

With a club membership of over sixty regular OiR members, including a pool of around twenty singers/musicians with all levels of ability, and supported by several excellent story tellers, the club is never short of talented individuals able to put on a highly entertaining 2½ hour afternoon show.
The OiRAyr Folk club performers are also out and about participating in outreach activities throughout the local community. From charity events to fundraisers, church guilds to Highland Games, Age Concern to Invigor8, Christmas lunch parties to Burns suppers, the list goes on. All these activities have been great sources of enjoyment and pleasure to our audiences. 
Our ensemble includes a ceilidh band and vocalist, individual singer/guitarists, trios, quartets, whatever the occasion requires.

So if:

  • You are 50 or over, or a retired individual (only from paid work), and looking for an activity that is personally satisfying and rewarding.
  • you fancy yourself as a singer or musician
  • you just prefer to listen to music, and would like to meet others who also just like to sit and listen, then the OiRAyr Folk Club could be just for you

OiR Fundraiser contert held on 26th May 2022 in Newton Wallacetown Church Hall

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