Group Leader:                   Morag Lewis 01292 570806
Location:                       Castlehill Church
Day & Time:                     Thursday 1.30-3.30 pm

The Craft Group are starting again on Thursday 30th September 2021 at Castlehill Church Hall, Old Hillfoot Road, Ayr and anyone interested to contact the Group Leader Morag Lewis tel 01292 570806

Are you interested in hand crafts and making things?  Then this could be the group for you.

A group of ladies meet weekly in Castlehill Church Hall and, either work of their own projects, or look and learn from others  and all share their skills.  “You are never too old to learn something new”.

Crafts worked at include crochet, tapestry, long stitch, cross stitch, knitting, paper crafts, card-making  and more.

Occasionally the  meeting takes the form of a demonstration  and workshops and, if those present want to join in that’s fine, and if not, can continue work with their own project.

We have a very social Thursday afternoon,  and lots of chat and, YES, a cup of tea or coffee!!!  So if you think this group is for you, then do come along  and give it a try – you would be made very welcome.

We are always looking for new members. Interested?
Please contact the group leader, Morag Lewis – 01292 570806

Craft “challenges”
Over the past year, group members have been given several “challenges”.  If you are thinking about joining the group, here are a couple of them for you to try, until we can meet up again.

Make a card
A handmade card is lovely to receive and so easy to make. You can buy blank cards to decorate, but equally, you could just fold a piece of thick paper.  Here are some easy ideas to get you started.

Upcycle a tin can
Upcycling has become the “in” thing so why not try to upcycle a tin can.

Glue some rope or twine round it, and you have a rustic vase.  Or punch a design onto it, paint and use as a tealight holder – perfect for those warm evenings in the garden!

The internet is full of interesting craft ideas, so why not investigate something different, which you could demonstrate to the rest of us!

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