Group Leader:                  Dick Vernon 01292 442195
Location:                      Citadel Leisure Centre 
Day & Time:                    Friday  1.30 - 4.00 pm

Do you enjoy a friendly (but still competitive!) game of bridge? If so, you are very welcome to join our OiR group that meets at the Citadel each Friday from 1.30 until 4.00pm. We are a mixed ability group, and while we are a group for those who can play the game, you don’t have to be an expert!  In particular, those wanting to improve their game are very welcome – the more experienced players are always willing to give advice if asked. In addition, I run a short tuition session at 1.30 for 30 minutes for anyone who is interested, when we discuss how to bid and play a few hands.

Partners are not needed as we draw lots for partners each week; odd numbers are always accommodated. Hands are dealt (it’s not ‘board/duplicate bridge), so who wins depends on the cards dealt as well as skill! 

We play in a pleasant room at the Citadel and operate throughout the year from the beginning of September to mid-July. We currently can take on more members, so if you enjoy playing bridge in a pleasant, friendly environment, why not join us? Also, if you have friends who might be interested, you can bring them along for two sessions to see if they like it, before  joining the OiR.

For more information, contact Dick Vernon, the Group Leader (01292 442195).

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