Mah Jong

Group Leader: Fay Reid Contact number in members newsletter or contact the office 01292 260086
Location:     Prestwick Community Centre
Day & Time:   Thursday  10.00 am - 12 noon   

The group will be restarting in October 2021, more info will be available soon.

Mah Jong was invented by the Chinese hundreds of years ago and has been played throughout China down the centuries.  It has become very popular worldwide, particularly among the ex-pat communities in South East Asia who play a Western version which is more complicated and has more hands, 35 in all, but the principles and scoring are the same.

A book by Australian, Max Clifford, is used worldwide on the principle that if everyone adheres to the same set of rules, there will be fewer disputes among players who perhaps learned their Mah Jong in different parts of the world.

Beginners are encouraged to play only the basic ‘Ordinary Suit’ hand until they have become familiar with the tiles and their values.

The Mah Jong set is made up of 144 pieces known as TILES. These are divided into two sections – HONOURS TILES and SUIT TILES.

Some beginners have compared it, unfavourably, to Bridge, which is a pity. It is an entirely different kind of game – and although there is an element of ‘luck’ involved, that could be said of most table games. The skill is in what is done with the tiles dealt and, the more a player plays, the more the potential is realised for an exciting and fascinating game.

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