Guitar – Beginners

Group Leader:                Robert English 01292 264471
Location:                    Prestwick Community Centre
Day & Time:                  Monday  10.30-11.30 pm

More information from OiR Office on 01292 260086 or in OiR Newsletter.

Robert has a very healthy attendance with a mixture of ages and also guitars;  most people can’t wait to buy their own guitar once they’ve had a few lessons.  Everyone is so keen to learn that both his students and Robert feels that the 1½ hour slot just whizzes by.  This is an easy-going, lively group who ask to play music mostly from the 60’s eg, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Monty Python, Louis Armstrong to name but a few and they can’t wait to get started on a Monday.  Those who have become a little more proficient, help anothers who are not so confident. 

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