Tai Chi – Transition

Group Leader:                   Betty Gillespie
Instructor:                     Jeanine Harkin
Location:                       Prestwick Community Centre
Day & Time:                     Thursday 10.45 - 11.45am

If you wish to take part in these classes, please contact Betty McDonald either by phone – 01292 479083 – or by email – bmcdonaldprestwick@hotmail.com

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese health exercise where the mind, the breath and the body work in unison.  This leads to a state of relaxation.  It is particularly suitable for older people as the movements are soft and slow.

Its health benefits are varied – reduction of stress, blood pressure and heart rate, increased flexibility and mobility in the joints, and improved balance, concentration, coordination and strength in the legs.

Lots of OiR members have been coming along to the Tai Chi groups and have obviously been spreading the word about the health benefits and how much they enjoy it.  As a result of this, our groups are usually well filled.  However, we believe that we should try our best to accommodate, in some way, any members who wish to join.

If you want to find out more, please contact Betty on 01292 479083.

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