Drawing and Art 6

Group Leader:                    Carol Hayes     01292 260168
Location:                        Alloway Church Hall
Day & Time:                      Wednesday 1.30-3.30 pm 

Please check back for an update on start date

We’re a friendly crowd with a diverse range of interests and abilities, and each group member is encouraged to pursue his or her own course at a pace which suits him or her best.  Instruction and advice are on hand when required from a qualified art teacher.

Over the years, since we started, we have expanded our horizons by getting out and about, visiting various Art Exhibitions and gaining inspiration by viewing the work of other artists: The Glasgow Boys, The Glasgow Girls, Van Gogh to Kandinsky, and Jack Vettriano were some of the well-known ones whose exhibitions we have visited.

Sometimes, we just go for a trip if there are no exhibitions to visit.  Destinations on these occasions have included Arran and Millport.  These trips allow us to get more of a chance to socialise with each other than we are able to do in the 2-hourly sessions, and are enjoyed by all.

Group members have featured regularly among the prize-winners in the Art Section of the Ayr Flower Show for the past few years.

There is no stipulation on which materials are used, although for practical reasons, oil paints are better kept for home use. Acrylics, poster paint, watercolours, pastels, inks etc are the choice of each individual, as is the choice of subject.

Some of the group’s paintings in card format – Please view them HERE

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