Using Zoom


Any device with a camera, microphone and speaker will work fine, which includes most smart phones, tablets, and modern laptops. Most desktops may not, in which case a separate USB webcam and speakers will be needed.
To just receive the talk, you do not require a camera or microphone, just speakers or headphones.
To join a meeting you do not need to create an account, but you do need an account (free) if you wish to create your own meetings with friends and relations.

Setting up Zoom:

Smart Phones and tablets:

  • You can install the app beforehand and then use the meeting ID and password when you get to join a meeting. Download from the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. Search for “zoom cloud meetings”. The icon is a rounded blue square, with a white video camera in the middle. It is free.

Laptops and Desktops:

  • Open your browser and go to   (
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the page where there is a dark horizontal bar. Second column from the left is “Downloads”, and top of the list is “Meetings Client”. Click on this, and the top item on the page is “Zoom Client for Meetings”. Download and install.

Note: If your Zoom app asks you to update, please do so!An invitation to join a meeting includes two methods:

  • A web address for you to click on which will automatically load your web browser and invite you to open/install the Zoom app. The link will look something like this…

    All quite easy, but check the link is to to be sure it is a valid link. Only click on the link if you know the sender and see the in the address. 
  • A meeting ID and Password. To use this, you must first install the app on whatever device you are going to use. Load the app and select “Join Meeting” and follow the instructions (allow access to camera and microphone).

Whichever route you have taken you will see “join with Computer Audio” or “join with Internet Audio” or something like that. Choose it
and you will be connected. You may need to “Start Video” or unmute your microphone if you wish to talk. 

If you are having problems with audio or video on your desktop or laptop, move the mouse over the zoom app and a black menu appears at the bottom. Click the up arrow ˄ next to the mic and camera icons and choose Audio or video settings to test or change the setup.

Click on the mic and camera icons to switch them on or off. The red bar means its off. Sometimes it says “start video”.

Speaker view shows just the person.

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