Philosophy Over a Drink

Group Leader:    Denis Rattenbury, Contact the office 01292 260086
Location:        Market Inn, Castlehill Road, Ayr.
Day and Time:    Fortnightly, Monday 2pm - 3.30pm

This can be of interest to any OiR member. It will give an opportunity to consider fundamental questions asked by the great thinkers. No academic or philosophical background is necessary, just a respect for others and their opinions. The basic aim is to promote contact, friendship, knowledge and understanding.
Meetings fortnightly, mondays at 2.30 – 4.30, to be held in a pub or function room handy for public transport. Members can discuss or listen in to conversations about philosophical matters over a relaxing drink. We can buy our own drinks (mine will be a beer!), preferably something like a beer or wine in the spirit of the Greek Symposia or the Bachelors’ Club, but any refreshment will be fine. Meetings can finish by 4.30 (?) but people can leave or stay as they wish.

Topics will be initiated by the group leader or a member, usually with an introductory talk to set the scene for informal conversation. A small collection of reference books will be available to inform discussion. A list of topics for forthcoming meetings will be available with suggested websites and books for those wishing to do some background research.
We’ll consider such questions as: “How do I know anything?”, “What’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’?”, “What’s ‘beauty’?”, “Who am I?” considered in the light of famous philosophers. Subjects such as the Scottish Enlightenment will connect with historic events. Discover philosophy from scratch or develop your understanding.
All subject to coronavirus restrictions.

Greetings, choice of drinks briefly discussed, topic introduced.
Topic examined and talked over, with relevant references available.
Next topic agreed, recommendations for background reading and websites.
Members encouraged to introduce their own interests.
“Aesthetics” meetings can share members’ interests in art and music.

Examples of General Topics:
What is Philosophy? (Western Philosophy); History of Philosophy; Quotes; Ideas and developments from the Scottish Enlightenment; Robert Burns and Romanticism.

Examples of Subsections:
Metaphysics, Knowledge, Ethics, Mind, History, Science, Aesthetics, Logic, Politics, Religion, Language, Education.

Historical Topics:
Ancient (e.g., the great Greek philosophers), Medieval (the Scholastics), Modern (so many here, from Descartes to Derrida).

Examples of Excursions:
Museums, galleries, concerts, Robert Burns connections, Enlightenment Edinburgh, Glasgow Planetarium, cathedrals, mosques, temples, … the list is endless!

Group Rules:
Open minds. Tolerance. Acceptance that there are no ultimate answers for these questions. Willingness to probe the biggest questions of existence in an informal, relaxed company.

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