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Group Leader: Alan Bates  (or contact the office on 01292 260086)
Location:     Refer to leader
Day:          Tuesday and Thursday  Continuous
Thursday, Tuesday - Cycling Adventures and now Tuesday more gentle runs
Timings:      Refer to leader 

Alan Bates. 23rd. October 2019

All the OiR cycle groups are full at the moment as we have to limit numbers for safety reasons.

Each run will have a ride leader who has extensive knowledge of the route. Not all the runs are led by the OiR cycling Group leader (Alan Bates) as we have several experienced run leaders within the groups. Alan has done risk assessments on all of our activities, so members can be confident that we will take care of everyone who rides with us. We always ride as a group and wait at junctions and hill tops to regroup. 
We help new members to learn about group cycling by providing new members with a “chum“ to escort them on their first runs with the group. There is a wealth of cycling experience and bike repair knowledge within the groups, so you will not be abandoned with a bike problem. Many new members find that although they have lived in Ayr for many years, we will take them on unknown routes in the Ayrshire countryside not far from home. A common phrase to be heard from new members is “where the H… am I!”. 

There is a wide range of abilities within the OiR cycling groups and we take this into account in out ride planning. On days when it is too inclement to get our bikes wet and dirty, we occasionally organise a compulsory coffee at a local café or even a workshop to cover bike related problems. As there are times when we need to make short notice changes, we communicate by email as phoning all members is not practical. It is important that new members have an email address. I cannot accommodate members without access to email. 

Members may use any bike which is roadworthy. We have had road racer, hybrid, mountain, touring, some tandems, Ebikes and a tricycle out on our runs. You only have to be in a safe combination with your bike.

The groups are:
1) Tuesday cycling group. Local cycle runs organised every Tuesday morning. (Except Christmas and New Year). Cycle runs start from Ayr and covering between 20 and 45 miles. We always stop for a lunch snack.

2) Tuesday easy cycle runs group. Local cycle runs from Ayr. Organised on request for new or returning members at an easier pace. Usually 18 to 30 miles. Does not operate on Christmas or New Years days. Includes a lunch stop.

3) Thursday main cycle group. Cycle runs mostly starting from Ayr. Occasionally starting from further away. Does not operate on Christmas or New Year’s Days. Distance from 20 to 45 miles. We always stop for a lunch snack.

4) Thursday easy runs group. Local cycle runs starting from Ayr. Organised on demand to suit new or returning members at an easier pace. Usually 18 to 30 miles. Does not operate on Christmas or New Years Days. We always stop for a lunch snack.

5) Cycling Adventures group. Operates mostly on a Thursday but may extend to Friday and Saturday or longer. This group operates on a pre notified basis and tends to be away from Ayr. We always remember to stop for food which may involve a picnic or a café / pub.

Any questions please contact Old Alan at; 

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