Speakers Group

Speakers' Organiser:      David Bowman
Venue:                    Ayr Town Hall (unless otherwise stated)
Date and Time:            Tuesday  1.30 pm - fortnightly

OiR Town Hall Meetings – restarted on Sep 7th. 2021
Fortnightly Meetings, to which all members are invited.

Meetings will be held, fortnightly, in the Main Hall at Ayr Town Hall at 1.30pm on the dates listed, but may occasionally be held in Newton Wallacetown Church if the Town Hall is not available to us.

Please see below for any possible changes of dates or venues.

Covid-19 precautions at the Town Hall:-
Please bring a face covering with you as they will not be provided at the venue.
Face coverings will be required to be worn at all times while in the building.
Hand sanitisers are available throughout the building, please avail of this service.
We are asked to follow the one way system markers on the floor and stairs up to the Main Hall.
There will be a track and trace system in place for OiR members. A table inside the Main Hall will be set up to record your details (name and telephone number) which will be kept on record for 3 weeks as per Government guidelines.
Although social distancing is not being enforced by South Ayrshire Council, we would request the use of discression in this matter and ask OiR members to keep a safe distance.

If you are one of our very few members who have chosen not to be vaccinated, it is the duty of the committee to remind you that if you attend an indoor group where covid-19 is present, then statistically you are at greater risk of becoming more seriously ill. We would therefore recommend that you think carefully about attending an indoor group under these circumstances.
If you are showing any covid-19 symptoms then you should not attend any indoor groups.

OiR Town Hall Meetings – Programme from January 2022

Meetings are normally held, fortnightly, in the Main Hall at Ayr Town Hall at 1.30pm on the dates listed, but may occasionally be held in Newton Wallacetown Church if the Town Hall is not available to us.

25th January               Laughter is the Best Medicine – Meg Steel: Meg originally gave this talk on Zoom as one of the Lockdown Talks. At that time, it was very well received by those tuning in. Meg has now updated the talk and hopes to be able to gauge audience reaction this time, something which was impossible when using Zoom.

8th February                The History of “Pee” – John Rattenbury: This should be a most interesting talk from John who has contributed well to past programmes, and has always been very well received by his audiences.

22nd February             An update on Whiteleys Retreat: Gillian McNeilly, Head of Fundraising at Whiteleys, will give us an update on how Whiteleys has coped during the Covid pandemic, and also outline future plans for the charity.

8th March            “The Goldsworthy Steam Drag in Glasgow’s Riverside Museum” – Denis Rattenbury.
Experts say this may be the most valuable transport object in any UK museum. It was intended to operate a regular passenger service between Glasgow and Edinburgh from the 1830s. This is its story, together with other aspects of the horse drawn era to be seen in this award-winning museum.

22nd March          Travels in Colorado, USA – David Bowman

5th April                John Johnston; The ‘Harry Patch’ of Trafalgar” – Rab Wilson.
This is the story of a hero of the Battle of Trafalgar, born at Clackleith in the parish of Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire on 22nd July 1781, and latterly resident at Benston, Cumnock, Ayrshire.

19th April              A.G.M.

3rd May                Further travels in Colorado – David Bowman

17th May              Reflections on my times on St Kilda – Jean Guy

31st May              “Adventures in Postcards” – Dan Ross

14th June              The Body: Amazing facts and sayings – Meg Steel

28th June              “Cartoons and History” – Ian McAnulla Over the last 300 years cartoons have provided us with interesting comments on major events of their time.

There will be no meetings in July and August

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