Baking (online)

Group Leader: Hazel Sommerville  Contact the office on 01292 260086
Location:     Online


Although we cannot get together for baking demonstrations and samplings, members of the Baking Group can still communicate online and encourage each other by trying out new recipes, telling each other how we got on and sharing photographs of our successes.

I’m not proposing that you make cakes to rival the winners of the Great British Bake Off, nor do I want you to cook meals to match those of Nigella the Domestic Goddess!  No, I just want you to have a bit of fun in the kitchen and create something which is easy to make and tasty to eat.

Every two weeks, a recipe will be emailed to members. Those who wish to can make up the recipe, sample it, give some feedback and take a photograph to submit for the Group’s webpage.
The Group is open to all OiR members whether male or female, novice baker or experienced chef. We can all learn from each other and improve our skills.

Once the Group is up and running, members will be invited to share their favourite easy recipes – together with their stories of why these are favourites or why they were selected.

If you are interested in joining this on-line community of bakers, please contact the office (

I look forward to hearing from you!

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