Walking – Hill Walking Group 2

Group Leader:           Jean Lockley      Tel: 01292 570858 or contact the office on 01282 260086)
Location:               Bellisle Park
Time:                   Tuesday 08.45 am
Season                  Continuous

The group walks in the Southern Uplands including The Galloway and the Lowthers hills.
In good weather during the summer months, we enjoy venturing onto the hills north of Glasgow. The Isle of Arran is a special favourite.

The walks are decided a day before the walk to take account of the weather. Members are contacted via WhatsApp .

We are a friendly group. By common consent we prefer to limit our numbers to twelve.

Most members of the group are experienced hill walkers and and as they have the requisite navigational skills, are well able to share the navigation duties.

Currently, we have some vacancies and we would welcome new members.You can come along and join us on a walk.

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