News Review

Group Leader:      David Walton Tel 01292 261512 or contact the office 01292 260086
Location:          Newton Wallacetown Church Hall
Day and Time:      Wednesday Fortnightly  1.30 - 3.00 pm  

The class meets fortnightly and the format is mainly determined by the news, be it local, national or international. All aspects are covered including politics, society, environment and history. For instance, in 2011 the Media, China, the 1950s and Blair’s Legacy were explored.

Class discussion is an important element, but not compulsory, as members can just sit and listen. A theme running for 3 or 4 weeks starts each session.

What is attempted in News Review is analysis of the ‘news’. How to read it. What to read. Does it mislead? Compound? Explain? Divert? Waste time? 

Think constructively!  How and where does censorship come from? Are we our own censors? What is the fate of whistle blowers? Does the press require monitoring/restriction?

Following a short break about mid-way through proceedings, a light-hearted quiz starts the second half.

David, our group leader, will lead us through a wide and diverse range of news events.  Under his guidance we are steered through many subjects, some serious, others not so serious, but all thought-provoking. 

No matter the current topic,  we find, most of all, that we honestly enjoy the interaction we have with one another during our group meeting.  Indeed, we enjoy our group so much that after the meeting some of us adjourn for tea or coffee at TK Maxx where a lively discussion continues and, at times, we revise and expand upon our day’s event. 

We would like to invite you to join our News Review Group. Please come along to Ayr Free Church and help us broaden our horizons.  Everyone will be most welcome so please feel free to join in the fun we have putting the world to rights.

For more information contact Group Leader, David Walton on 01292 261512.

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