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Group Leader: Fiona Clarence  Contact number in members newsletter or contact the office 01292 260086
Location:     Auld Kirk Church Hall, Ayr
Day & Time:   Friday  10.00 am - 11.30 am

OiR Ayr runs one yoga classes aimed at the age of the class members.

The practice of Yoga supports us to stay young and happy, no matter what life has in store.

Yoga is a practical aid to keep the body and mind moving and, ancient techniques that are as relevant today as they were in ancient times, are used.In the Yoga Classes with Fiona Clarence, the following is practised:

  • ASANA – gentle movements that move the joints and develops core strength. The asana practice improves circulation, tones the nerves and releases tension, all movement is done slowly.
  • YOGA BREATHING – deep breathing sends an abundance of oxygen to all living cells in the body. When one exhales properly, toxins are removed. Deep breathing rejuvenates both the mind and body.
  • PROPER RELAXATION – stress can cause illness, but in Yoga we learn to let go of tensions by rest and relaxation. When we relax we are giving the body and mind time to recharge and be nurtured.In the yoga classes positive thought is practised, ‘our glass is always half full and not half empty’.

Yoga Time Table coming soon(ish)
Friday Morning Class
CLASS 1 FROM 10:00 TO 11:30

Yuletide Feasting and Fire”.  So if your waistband feels a little tight then do not worry as Spring is a long way off. 

In yoga, at this time of year, we look to “Surya Namaskara” or the technique of the “Sun Salutation”.

These practices can be done from a chair, or if you are more mobile from kneeling and if you feel good to go, then you could try it standing.  But, no matter from where you start from, the Sun Salutation works the spinal column and limbs through their entire range. The series gives such a profound stretch to the whole body that few other forms of exercise can be compared with it. 

Most of us will discover stiffness in our bodies from muscular tension and from sitting over long periods, tightness in the tendons and toxic deposits in the joints. Stiffness, lack of co-ordination and the tendency to strain can all be overcome with relaxed, slow effortless practice.  Not only does the body come back to life but the breath is synchronised with each movement.  This body/breath synchronisation will benefit the lungs, heart, digestive and elimination systems. So bring some fire into your dark mid-winter and have a try.

To find out what to do, some of the great yoga teachers in the world can be found on “YouTube” showing you all sorts.  So take care this year, look after yourself and get moving, even if it is just a little. To all my wonderful OiR yoga students I send my heart warm thanks and love.

See you all very soon.  Sat nam and love and peace.


AUTUMN – Some Yoga Thoughts

“Autumn has a very different feel – we get more tired and there can be feelings of melancholy as the nights get longer and the day light gets shorter. But it is a very good time to reflect;  if you are a gardener this is the time you rethink …what needs cutting back, what was successful, what needs shifting, what needs taking out, what seeds to get for next year? … and so on. 

In Autumn Yoga asks you to do the same.  It is a good time to get stuff to the charity shop, or up-cycle; this has the effect of giving you space inside your head, as well as your garden and cupboards. As for a physical practise we do forward and backward bends. 

The forward bends to bring us in and the back bends to open the heart and lungs, this is important to us who practice Yoga, as autumn is the time to breathe [the breathing techniques in Yoga are called Pranayama]. 

So get yourself out into autumn, go for a walk and see the changing light, here your footsteps in the drying leaves and breathe … just breathe … in through the nose and out of the nose, not the mouth.  Enjoy.”

Sat nam


Fiona said “I thank all my wonderful students that come in all weathers to support the OiR Yoga classes it would not be the same without their encouragement and support – thanks to you all “.

“Summer practice – reconnect to the earth and yourself” 

If you have some time in the quiet of the morning or in the evening at sun set:  Stand in bare feet on the grass or down the beach move your toes around until they sink into the cool earth.

  1. Stand tall with your feet about shoulder with apart.
  2. Hand by your sides or on your heart space.
  3. Stand as still as you can and come into yourself away from the chattering world.
  4. Start to breath through your nose.
  5. Imagine the in breath is drawing up energy from the earth through your toes and the out breath is defusing the energy through your body. 
  6. Benefits come with practice, but 10 minutes a day will restore you back to yourself. 

Sat nam

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