Drawing and Art 5

Group Leader:                 Anne McLanachan  01290 553183
Location:                     Alloway Church Halls
Day & Time:                   Friday  1.30 till 3.30 pm

We had a closing afternoon tea, Tea (or coffee)  scones ,and cakes , it was great fun ,  those who  came also brought their favourite recent art work.  We had a mini show and all voted to see which painting, we liked the best and who had improved the most, The winner was a shocked Anne McLanachan, 2nd was Doulas Brown and most improved new member Anne Hamilton, we have recently grown and have a much improved group with new members, and will happily invite still more to join us. 

We use all mediums and everyone brings their own supplies and paper but we can help new members with initial supplies of paper etc.

This Group  has also been invited to join the Ayr Art Circle for their  monthly artists demonstrations and this opens a new perspective for our group. 

All new members are invited to join us.
If interested please contact Anne McLanachan on 01290 5553183 or 07704 956306 or call in at the OiR office.

These are pictures of the winners and also the group and their work.

To keep the group interesting and fresh, new members are sought.  This is a relaxed group who will support you in feeling at ease.  It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, build your confidence and be part of a team!   Anne’s contact number is 01290 553183.

Anne informed us that the Drawing & Art 5 group recently had a class art show at which an afternoon tea, consisting of homemade scones and baking, was served.  Afterwards, everybody who attended chose a painting they preferred and a winner was announced.  We’re pleased to advise that member, Janet Drummond,was the winner. Congratulations, Janet.  Thanks to Sandy Sanbrook for taking such excellent photos shown below.

This group occasionally use the services of a teacher and meet the cost themselves.Each member uses the medium of their choice and supplies whatever they need themselves i.e. paint, brushes, paper etc.Whatever the focus of the class might be, it is decided on collectively.

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